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About Us

Daedalus Academy

Τhe ideal connection between art as a means of assimilating knowledge, and experiential non-formal education.


An educational project that cultivates free will, develops self-awareness, encourages a love of learning and respects the diversity and personal rhythm of every child.


We combine methods inspired by Waldorf and Montessori schools as well as Summerhill, and pedagogical practices aimed at physical and psychological health, with the prominent, daily presence of nature, art, movement and play.


The Academy will function as an attraction for internationally-renowned artists, educators, lecturers and mentors. During the summer season there will be presentations and events by the students of the Academy, as well as Festivals with global participation of artists and scientists.

Logo of the Daedalus Academy

Who we are

A collective of visionaries from various groups of artists, with the common goal of transforming education into experiential learning, incorporating art as a means of assimilating knowledge.

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